Edible Book Festival combines food, literature

FAIRFIELD — In conjunction with national Take Your Child to the Library Day, Pequot Library presented an opportunity for patrons to get a real taste of reading.

The first-ever Edible Book Festival Celebration, a local spin on an international event, gave 40 local artists a chance to translate their favorite books into a completely different kind of fare.

“The idea is that people create a display out of food based on a book,” explained children librarian Jane Manners, “or a character in a book.”

Many of the works involve puns and coy juxtapositions, such as “Lord of the Fries”—a composition using French fries— for Lord of the Flies, “Velveeta Rabbit”— a piece made of cheese — for The Velveteen Rabbit, and in homage to The Old Man and the Sea, “The Old Yam and the Peas,” which featured a sweet potato on a boat afloat an ocean of legumes.

“So it brings together these two great loves,” Manners said — food and literature.

Throughout the day people were invited to come, enjoy the selection, and vote for their favorite piece. Cake and prizes were donated to the event by The Pantry.

Though the International Edible Book Festival originated 20 years ago, Manners said she hopes this is the start of a new tradition at Pequot.