Editor's note: The following are some words of advice for members of Fairfield's Class of 2012 from Fairfield elders selected from the paper's Seniority column by its author, Patricia McCormack.

Ears belonging to members of Fairfield's Class of 2012 from the town's four high schools are ringing this month with preachments from commencement speakers.

To enrich that advice, the Fairfield Citizen presents a sampling of advice to that younger generation from eight Fairfield residents in the elderly generation. These include grandparents and great-grandparents who over the past six months gave their advice for the younger generation during interviews for the paper's Seniority column.

The advice was given when the elderly, ranging in age from the middle 60s to high 90s, were asked for their best pieces of advice for the younger generation.

Aurora Romano, 84, a grandmother of six who for 27 years marked clothes at Caldor, advises that its members "be thankful for all that you have been given and take nothing for granted. Make love of family a constant companion."

Donald Neafsay, 80, a former computer salesman with two great-grandchildren, counsels them "to work hard and enjoy yourself."

Frank Mazzo, 84, the grandfather of four who made his living cleaning supermarket floors, suggests that they "listen to your parents."

Margaret Driscoll, 82, who has seven great-grandchildren, advises that they "have a laugh a day and enjoy life."

Dorothy Derby, 70, a former front desk receptionist at a nursing home with three grandchildren, advises the younger generation "to think before you act."

Frank Rice, 88, a retired Fairfield University professor of biology, said that "Success is measured more by what you give than by what you receive."

Ann Majancsik, 72, a former bookkeeper at Grand Union for many years with a grandson, recommends, "Get a job and save your money."

Julius Muller, 78, a retiree from Allied Signal who had no job and no means of support when he came to America 36 years ago as a Hungarian refugee, advised them to "get busy, push yourself hard and work as hard as you can."

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