Selectman Cristin McCarthy Vahey plans to resign her seat on the Board of Selectmen after winning a seat in the state House of Representatives this week.

Vahey was elected Tuesday to represent the 133rd District, a seat vacated by state Rep. Kim Fawcett, who made an unsuccessful bid for the state Senate.

Although there is nothing to legally preclude Vahey from serving in both positions, "I will not be attempting that," she said Wednesday. "I think our town is interested in having as many talented and committed people involved as possible."

Vahey said there are "a lot of people who could serve on the board with distinction."

She did not know when she will submit her resignation.

When she does resign, the remaining board members -- Democratic First Selectman Michael Tetreau and Republican Selectman Kevin Kiley -- have 30 days under the town charter to appoint Vahey's replacement. The new selectman must, like Vahey, be a Democrat.

If, after 30 days, they are unable to agree, the new selectman will be chosen by all the elected Democrats on town boards.