FAIRFIELD — It’s known as “the kitchen sink” —an ice cream sundae that is made up of 14 scoops of ice cream, topped with hot fudge, butterscotch, and peanut butter sauce, whipped cream, two cupcakes, a brownie, a chocolate bar, four chocolate chip cookies, chocolate and rainbow sprinkles, and gummy worms, snakes and sharks.

Six teams will be competing Saturday, June 17 at Saugatuck Sweets to see who can finish off the monster sundae in the fastest time, Officer Kevin Wells said, in an effort to raise money for Connecticut Special Olympics.

He said there will be two teams from the Police Department, two from the Fire Department, a team from Fairfield University’s Department of Public Safety, and a team of Police K-9 officers from other towns.

The public gets to place “bets” on which team they think will finish with the fastest time by making a donation to Special Olympics, and every bettor will be entered into a contest for prizes, including a free two-scoop sundae every week for a year. A $20 donation gets one vote for your team, $75 gets 5 votes, $150 gets 15 votes, and $250 translates into 35 votes. Each vote is another entry into the prize drawing.

To make a donation, visit https://leapsnetwork.wildapricot.org/ice-cream-eating-contest#top

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