FAIRFIELD — Environmental group Fairfielders Protecting Lands and Neighborhoods (FairPLAN) has released feedback to the Town of Fairfield’s draft Transit-Oriented Development Study (TOD). Last year, the Town of Fairfield embarked on a planning study to examine opportunities for transit-oriented development around two of its three commuter rail stations. This study will recommend potential updates to town policies that could better match these characteristics with community goals.

The Town is accepted comments through June 21. The Fairfield TOD Study is being funded by a grant from the State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD).

FairPLAN’s recommendations include firmer commitments to sustainability, alternative modes of transportation and clearer standards of open space maintenance. FairPLAN has also called for a cohesive working group to be appointed during the development of the MetroCenter to ensure the needs of residents and the environment are addressed.

“We have found the initial draft to be a compelling blueprint for development of the MetroCenter and applaud the considerable amount of work and public feedback that has been put into the draft,” said FairPLAN. “However, we would like to see more explicit recommendations put forth that include considerations to the health of the environment and sustainability which we have outlined in our letter to the Town.”