Fairfield Dems say tweet was racist, GOP vice chair says 'no harm meant'

FAIRFIELD — After complaints that his tweet was racially insensitive, the vice chairman of the Fairfield Republican Town Committee said his comment about Elisabeth Warren, a U.S. senator and former presidential candidate, was meant to be “tongue in cheek.”

On Wednesday morning, Alex Plitsas retweeted a tweet from CNBC Now about Warren endorsing Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, commenting “The Last of the Mohicans.”

The comment, according to Plitsas, would be racist “if she actually was Native American.” He said the tweet was making fun of her “false claims” that she was part of that demographic.

“I’m sorry if (people) were offended,” Plitsas said. “There’s no harm meant by it.”

Warren is the most recent major democratic candidate to back Biden. Once a front runner, she dropped out of the race after Super Tuesday, when she came in third place in her home state on Massachusetts.

Questions about the senator’s heritage first came into public view in 2012, during her campaign for the Senate seat, when it was revealed she claimed to be part Cherokee.

Since then, President Donald Trump has nicknamed her “Pocahontas,” a racial slur meant to poke fun at the confusion surrounding her heritage.

Democratic Town Committee Chairman Steve Sheinberg said the DTC was “extremely disappointed and saddened” that the RTC vice chair, and a member of Fairfield’s Emergency Management Team, would post “a racist, culturally insensitive comment such as that.”

“While President Trump has long mocked Elizabeth Warren with racist slurs, we expect better from our Republican counterparts here in Fairfield,” Sheinberg said. “Civil political discourse has no room for name-calling that mocks Native American identity.”

Sheinberg said he hoped Plitsas would delete the post and apologize for it.

Plitsas, however, said he would not be deleting the tweet.