FAIRFIELD — Cristian Santa tries to keep his Lego bricks off the floor. He really does, but, every once in a while, a stray one might find itself underfoot.

“I don’t mean to, but they always fall,” Cristian said.

But his parents will probably forgive him, since the 9-year-old’s love of Legos has earned him a year-long free pass to Legoland Discovery Center in Westchester, N.Y. The annual pass is one of the perks of being named a member of Lego’s 2018 Creative Crew.

As one of the 12 members of the Creative Crew, Cristian will also have the chance to attend exclusive building sessions, special events, and test out new rides and games.

His Lego creations crowd the shelves and the desk in his room. He said he’s been building with the bricks since he was about one year old, starting with the larger Duplo bricks before quickly moving on to the smaller bricks.

Mom Marisa said Cristian started putting together Lego and Duplo blocks before he could even read the instructions. “He’d spread out the instructions, and look at the pictures,” she said. “We weren’t helping him.” They quickly decided, she said, that Legos were “his thing.”

“I also have dyslexia and have trouble with reading and writing, but I am good at building with Legos and they bring me joy,” Cristian, who is in the fourth grade at Holland Hill, said.

It does make gift buying easier, Cristian admits, since his lists are usually Legos, Legos, and more Legos. His favorite Legos right now, he said, are the Technic sets, which are different types of vehicles with moving parts. “The hardest one I probably ever did was one of the motorcycles,” Cristian said. That motorcycle has yet to be dismantled to make way for other projects, and still sits on his desk.

To become a member of the Creative Crew, Cristian had to fill out an application, answering some questions, and writing a short essay. He also submitted a short video and his own Lego model — a hand.

If he could have Lego create his dream kit, Cristian said it would “probably be like a little car factory,” with between 200 and about a million pieces. “It would go through each and every stage of building the car.”

Cristian said he’s “super excited” about being able to visit Legoland whenever he wants, and his mom said the family four-pack annual pass was well worth it. He’ll likely bring along his younger siblings, Matteo, 3, and Mia, 7. Matteo, he said, “wrecks” his completed Lego kits, while sister Mia “admires them.”

All of the creative crew members will attend a special introduction event in April to meet with muster model builder Anthony Maddaloni. “Selecting this year’s Creative Crew was a tough job,” Maddaloni said. “We had so many amazing creations that made choosing just 12 very difficult.”