Falcons reveal secrets

Fairfield Ludlowe girls soccer coach Tony Samuelian felt that his squad did a great job of exploiting some of Glastonbury's soft spots. "I think we uncovered a lot of their weaknesses," he said. "I'm pretty proud of the kids for uncovering them. We tried to go wide and when we did we caused them fits."

Glastobury is 18-0-1 and had allowed just two goals entering Tuesday night's game with the Falcons. Samuelian joked about the accomplishment that Ludlowe achieved by actually scoring against the Tomahawks. "We scored 33 percent of their goals, when you look at it that way, it has to be a happy thing."

Tomahawks look familiar

Samuelian compared Glastonbury FCIAC co-champion New Canaan saying "This is a lot like a New Canaan team," he said. "They are explosive on counters. For us it wasn't a whole lot different."

Ludlowe looking up

Despite the loss, Ludlowe's future still does appear bright. Junior forward Lucia Harold emerged as a scoring threat, tallying three playoff goals and her along with two-time all-FCIAC player Mary Kamovitch could provide a talented one-two punch in the same way that Chrissy Lozier and Kamovitch did this year. "We're relatively young," Samuelian said. "We'll be back. We now have to realize how far we can go."

Ludlowe also found a goalkeeper as Blakely Zecher will return next season as well. In all 23 of the 28 Falcons will return in the 2010 year.

So long seniors

Ludlowe will lose five seniors, including all-everything midfielder Chrissy Lozier, who will extend her soccer career at Dartmouth University. Defenders Christy Barre and Rachel Baumann will also depart, as will reserve goalkeeper Melissa Gigliotti and Katie D'Angelo.

"They get us here," Samuliean said. "I give the seniors a lot of credit. Not many teams get here."