FAIRFIELD — COVID-19 has challenged the lives of the Fairfield community and the world at large in ways that will impact society for years to come. Citizens are sheltering in place; schools and businesses are closed; parks, beaches and open spaces are shut down and our “way of life” has been forever transformed. Historians, scientists, educators and journalists will study these times and how we coped, adjusted and thrived for years to come.

As the guardian of Fairfield’s history and discourse, the Fairfield Museum and History Center is proactively documenting the written and photographic impact of this unprecedented time and asking the greater Fairfield community for help.

The museum’s “Documenting History” initiative includes two questionnaires, one for adults and one for children, to capture the effects of COVID-19 on our citizens and keep a running narrative of our evolving challenges, inspirations and discoveries. The Museum encourages Fairfield citizens to fill out the questionnaire more than once — to think of it as a diary or journal that will capture the history of this time in Fairfield for generations to come. Responses will be preserved in the Fairfield Museum’s archives.

To complement our written documentary, the Fairfield Museum is working with photographer and Fairfield resident, Jaime Viens, to capture a visual representation of the impact of Coronavirus in our town. The winner of the Museum’s IMAGES 2019 Juried Photography Show, Jaime will capture images of the societal and environmental impact of the virus on our businesses, schools and public spaces as well as how our citizens interact with one another and how we have risen to the challenge during these extraordinary times.

Fairfield Museum Executive Director Michael Jehle commented, “The Fairfield Museum, uses history to strengthen community and help shape its future. Central to that mission is preserving our diverse stories about who we are as a community. At no time is this more important than now! We encourage all to take our questionnaire. We thank our community in advance for your help!”

To access the questionnaire, visit www.fairfieldhistory.org.

For everyone at home during this time of closure and self-isolation, the Fairfield Museum is bringing its programs, exhibitions and ultimately our conversation online. The Museum invites all to join on this journey and welcomes feedback and new ideas as it develops online offerings. Visit the Fairfield Museum website and Facebook page for a full listing of weekly events, challenges and content.

Fairfield Museum and History Center is a vibrant nexus of community life that welcomes more than 35,000 visitors annually. Through dynamic family programs and exhibitions, the Fairfield Museum sparks dialogue and deliberates the challenges of the future. Central to our community-focused mission is a desire to provide important historical context to pressing issues of our time, and to offer a safe, trustworthy environment where multiple perspectives can be heard and collective solutions explored.