Young fishermen and their families were lured to South Benson Marina on Sunday morning for the Fairfield Police Athletic League's annual Snapper Fishing Tourney.

About 100 people signed up for the event, coordinated by police officers and friends. Registration was conducted in front of the department's mobile command unit vehicle, parked at the marina for the occasion.

Participants were given poppers and shiners to attract snappers and bluefish, with prizes awarded for the first snapper caught by a boy or girl, 10 or more fish caught and the largest fish caught other than a snapper. Prizes included tackle boxes, poles, nets and lures.

"This is a community relations effort and the hope is that the fish will be here," said event coordinator Scott Sudora. "Girls always do well, as they have the persistence."

As the tide rolled in, the anglers fished along the inlet, avoiding outgoing boats, occasionally untangling crossed lines and crying, "Fish on!" as snappers were snagged.