FAIRFIELD — A 23-year-old Bridgeport woman was issued a misdemeanor summons after she allegedly left her child in the car during a doctor’s appointment, according to police.

Lt. Antonio Granata said Nekeisha Williams was charged with leaving a child under 12 unsupervised in a vehicle, which happened Sept. 18. He said she was released after signing a promise to appear in court on Oct. 23.

Granata said police received a complaint just after 2 p.m. on Friday about a child alone in a vehicle parked in a lot at 425 Post Road. Upon their arrival, he said, police located a toddler inside.

“Minutes later, police made contact with the child's mother — identified as Nekeisha Williams,” Granata said. “Willams was turned away from a medical appointment after entering the reception area with her 1-year-old child. An office policy at the medical practice only allows the patient in the room.”

Granata said it was determined that Williams returned her child to the vehicle after being notified of the policy, set up a facetime call with a relative and returned to the appointment.

“An employee of the medical practice grew suspicious and called police when Williams returned to the office without her child five minutes after being initially turned away,” he said.

Granata said the child was left alone for more than 15 minutes, adding police on the scene reported the child was not in distress. He said the doors of the vehicle were secure and the windows were cracked open.

“Williams stated to police she did not have anyone to care for her child as she attended her appointment,” Granata said.