The U.S. Post Office downtown may soon be filling out a change of address form of its own.

The postal service is considering selling its building at 1262 Post Road and relocating to a smaller site elsewhere downtown, according to Maureen P. Marion, a spokeswoman for the USPS.

The town's Economic Development Commission will get a briefing on postal officials' future plans when it meets at 8 a.m. Thursday in old Town Hall.

Marion said postal official are looking to "resize" the Fairfield operation "without skipping a beat" in terms of serving the community. The current site is about 15,9000 square feet, which Marion said is more than now is needed.

"We hope to be able to sell our current location, which we have occupied since 1936, and make a seamless transition to an alternate site in the same general area that comes in a better size for us," Marion said. She said she expects the post office will need between 1,800 to 2,000 square feet, with parking for 24 vehicles.

She said the Postal Service continues to look at ways to lower costs without having a negative impact on services and customers. "Our bricks and mortar is an opportunity for us to look at lowering costs such as heating, cooling, maintenance, custodial, utilities and more without harm to service," Marion said.

Selling the existing postal building will bring in revenue, while restoring it to the town's tax rolls.

At the meeting Thursday, Marion said officials will review the required posting period for bids and the relocation process in detail.

"Because this process is structured by regulations, we do not enter a site selection process with any preconceived notions or any early favorites among local sites," she said. "We do look for existing structures within a preferred footprint to stay true to our intent to stay near where we are right now."

"We are very keen on staying in the same general area as our current location so customers who frequent our existing facility should see little change to their regular pattern," she said.