Fairfield RTC head calls for Leeper 'transparency'; candidate attacks 'partisan hit piece'

FAIRFIELD — Ahead of a special election for State Representative in the Fairfield’s 132nd district on Tuesday, Jan. 14, Fairfield Republican Town Committee Chairman, James Millington, is expressing concerns that Democrat Jennifer Leeper has failed to disclose that she is a paid Democratic political operative.

Jennifer Leeper is the co-founding partner of 475 Consulting LLC, a political consulting company catering to only Democratic candidates, Millington said. “Jennifer Leeper is running a campaign calling for transparency and bi-partisanship, yet she has failed to be transparent about herself and her company’s mission is clearly partisan” said Millington. “Ms. Leeper has stated that if elected she would be an independent voice for her constituents, but given her livelihood is dependent on electing Democrat candidates, she is clearly beholden to one party, not to all the people she wants to represent.”

Responding to Millington’s statement, Leeper said Tuesday, “Yes, I own a digital marketing firm. Yes, we work with Democrats. We also work with non-profits and authors and many types of businesses. I don’t think that warrants an apology. I am a small business owner helping to contribute to CT’s economy.

“It does seem ironic that the chair of the Republican Town Committee would write a shamelessly partisan hit piece accusing me of being partisan. If I win, I will sell my share of my business to avoid any conflicts and ensure trust with my constituents,” Leeper said.

“My record of regular bipartisanship as an elected official speaks for itself and I don’t need the Democratic Town Committee chair writing hit pieces on my behalf because I know that I have run a positive campaign based on the facts and my own merits. My message and experience is resonating with voters and I can’t help but wonder if that is exactly what motivated this attack,” Leeper said.

The website for 475 Consulting (475consulting.com) names Leeper as a founding partner in the company yet her political website and campaign materials make no mention of her current occupation,” Millington said.

Millington added, “In my 24 years of helping scores of candidates run for office, I have never seen a candidate fail to disclose what their primary source of employment was. Failing to disclose her political consulting firm is disingenuous and misguided.”

The candidates profiled on 475 Consulting website include Democratic members of the State House and Senate. Milllington expressed further concerns that, if elected, Leeper could use her position to promote her company and build clientele through her support of fellow Democrats. Millington pointed out that the Democrats hold a large majority in Hartford and each of them is a potential client for the services offered by 475 Consulting. As for bi-partisanship, Millington stated “How is any Republican in Hartford going to trust Leeper when her professional goal is to knock them out of office”.

Millington also pointed out that 475 Consulting was paid more than $13,000 in the last election by the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee in their mission to re-elect Mike Tetreau and to help minimize the impact of the corruption scandal involving the contaminated soil. “We can’t afford to send another partisan rubber stamp to Hartford, we need someone who will fight for Fairfield” Millington concluded.

Representative Town Meeting member and State Representative candidate Brian Farnen, a Republican, has been crossed endorsed by both the Republican and Independent parties. The special election will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 14 from 6 a.m.-8 p.m. All those living in the 132nd district are eligible to vote.