FAIRFIELD — Some local Republicans have a bird’s eye view of the GOP’s convention going on this week in Cleveland.

Selectmen Chris Tymniak and Laurie McArdle, are at the convention as alternate delegates, while Republican Town Committee Chairman Jamie Millington is attending as a guest. Two other local residents, Peter Lumaj and Kathleen Blaine, are also attending.

The three shared their impressions of the convention’s first day, a day that was marked by discord on the convention floor by the “Never Trump” faction, and allegations that Melania Trump plagiarized the current First Lady in a speech Monday night.

“Despite how the media is reporting it, this is a very unified convention,” Millington said. “The debate over the rules were waged by a small group of delegates and lasted for just minutes. Since that time the entire convention has come together and we are having a great time.”

The controversy came near the start of the convention, with an attempt by some states to have a roll call vote to adopt the convention rules. The attempt failed.

“The debate on the rules was short lived, and is a matter of process at most conventions,” Tymniak said.

The opening day featured prime time speeches by actors Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato, Jr., former New York City Mayor Rudy Guilani, and Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame.

“Cleveland has been a great host city for the RNC Convention,” Tymniak said. “Last night we heard from many different speakers about ‘Making American Safe Again’. It was an inspirational evening.”

As for the charges that Melania Trump’s speech lifted two paragraphs from a speech delivered by First Lady Michelle Obama at the 2008 Democrat’s convention, the trio of Fairfielders didn’t see it as a problem.

“I don't know about the speech similarities,” McArdle said. “I remember thinking that Michelle Obama’s speech was very similar to Anne Romney's four years ago.”

McArdle said most political speeches have similarities, and dismissed the uproar as a distraction from more important issues.

Millington said “there will obviously be a speech writer looking for a new job today.” He said regardless of the speech, “Mrs. Trump is a very accomplished woman, and will make a great first lady.”

Tonight’s theme for the convention is “Make America Work Again.”

“That’s why Republicans from all across the country have gathered here,” Tymniak said. “America needs to go back to work. I believe that Donald Trump’s policies will create more jobs and create a better business climate for the entire country. We see first hand in Connecticut the devastating polices that led to GE leaving our state.”