Fairfield Senior Advocates pursues best practices for 'at risk' population

FAIRFIELD — Fairfield Senior Advocates is pursuing best practices to ensure the welfare of the town’s most vulnerable residents, according to a press release.

FSA is an organization that provides aid to Fairfield’s elderly and disabled population. Urban E. Leimkuhler, FSA’s coordinating director, said the town has a sizeable population of senior and disabled residents that need varying levels of assistance.

“Fairfield Senior Advocates applauds the work done by our town during the Covid period and hopes to lend support in any way it can,” Leimkuhler said. “While the Bigelow Center, Fairfield Social Services and (the community emergency response team) are valiantly providing essential human services during the pandemic, we fear some residents may still be falling through the cracks.”

Leimkuhler said that one issue is that people in this demographic may not have the technological literacy required to navigate resources. He said the challenge is one of identifying at risk residents and providing them the assistance they need.

“FSA believes neighborhood involvement is critical to ensuring seniors’ and disabled residents’ welfare,” he said. “Our associations and neighborhood groups can play a key role in identifying in-need neighbors, reaching out to them, and advising town staff. Our goal is to share best practices across these community groups.”

Leimkuhler said FSA encourages community groups to contribute their related experiences and practices as well as join a planned video conference to share ideas.

Interested groups can contact FSA at their website https://www.fairfieldsenioradvocates.com/contact-us.html