Fairfield Theatre Co. gives away concert tickets to honor Sandy Hook anniversary

FAIRFIELD — Twenty people are being treated to one of Fairfield Theatre Co.’s upcoming concerts, with the catch being the center for the arts asks they pay the giving forward this holiday season.

First Selectman Michael Tetreau asked the community to honor the anniversary of those killed on Dec. 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown with acts of kindness.

FTC answered the call last week by hiding and passing out gift-wrapped concert tickets around downtown.

“We just wanted people to receive something great that they weren’t expecting at all, and then just pay it forward to someone else,” marketing associate Alexandra Toombs said.

Fairfield Theatre Co. staff enclosed 10 envelopes — each containing two tickets — in shimmery, seasonal wrapping paper. On the front of each small package, they pasted a “#randomactsofkindness” message, wishing the lucky recipients happy holidays, asking them to pay the kindness forward and concluding, “Let’s all spread a little extra love and light this year.”

The Pantry, Fairfield University Bookstore and Firehouse Deli were among locations where downtown visitors may have come upon the surprise gifts.

Gifted concerts included Glen Phillips and Lez Zeppelin performances the weekend after the giveaway. Tickets to upcoming concerts by the Brazilian Girls on Dec. 29, Ryan Montbleau Band on Dec. 30 and Bronze Radio Return on Jan. 13, all at The Warehouse, were also among giveaways.

To pay it forward, Toombs said, ticket recipients could do any number of nice acts, from helping someone cross the street to using their second ticket to invite a friend to the concert.

Tetreau’s call for honoring those who died at Sandy Hook with acts of kindness echoed a suggestion by Newtown’s first selectman.

“It was just a really nice opportunity that Mike Tetreau brought to our attention,” Toombs said. “I think it was great he really wanted to get the community together and do something nice and authentic for each other. Around such a horrible anniversary, it was nice to participate in something like that.”