FAIRFIELD — Two weeks after Tropical Storm Isaias, the town continues to clear debris.

Brian Carey, acting director of the Public Works Department, said the town is currently removing storm debris from rights-of-way throughout Fairfield and will collect any debris that is located in a right-of-way over the next couple of weeks.

Limbs, trees and other storm wrack not on streets, sidewalks and other public property is a different matter, he said.

“Any debris that has fallen in the backyard of the private property is the responsibility of the property owner to remove,” Carey said. “Residents are allowed to dispose of green waste materials free of charge (at) We Care/Denali which is located at Richard White Way.”

Carey said residents must have a 2021 Transfer Station sticker, which is available at the Recreation Department, in order to dispose of the material for free. He said contractors who bring material to the facility are charged a per-ton rate for disposal of any green waste materials.

The Aug. 4 storm tore through central and western Connecticut, with top winds up to 65 mph. The winds knocked down trees and left widespread power outages in its wake.

At the conclusion of the storm, 67 percent of Fairfield was without power. It took a full week for utility crews to repair all the downed power lines.

According to Carey, town employees doing debris removal are working during normal business hours and using limited overtime. He said public works has an annual contingency in the budget for cleanup work after storms.

“These onetime large events can have a strain on the annual operating budget,” Carey said, “but we are hoping to access FEMA disaster assistance to help with the bulk of the storm response for the period directly after the storm.”