FAIRFIELD — Fairfield Warde High School would welcome the opportunity to develop a collaboration with local companies and business to create an opportunity for students to complete an internship experience. School officials are looking for local companies to volunteer to be mentors, especially in the areas of General Business, Criminal Justice, EMT, Nursing/Medical, Finance, Forensic Science, and Marketing.

The Internship Program at Fairfield Warde High Schooltakes place over the course of a semester or approximately 16 weeks. Fairfield Warde High School believes that an internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to students, to work at a firm for an extended period of time. School officials want students to understand the culture behind the business and their career path.

The internships will take place February-June 2020 for a minimum of 5 hours a week. During the internship, the students must attend a Career Exploration class and complete a Fairfield Board of Education approved curriculum. This course in conjunction with the outside internship will allow the student to earn credit towards graduation.

The Fairfield Warde High School Internship Program works in collaboration with the Connecticut State Department of Education and the Connecticut Department of Labor in order to participate in the State of Connecticut’s Unpaid Experiential Learning Program (UELP). This is a state sponsored program that enables local business and industry to place students in unpaid work-based opportunities.

The student is responsible for most aspects of the internship. The company's responsibility will be to provide a safe learning environment for the student during the semester. Businesses will have an opportunity to conduct an initial interview to make sure the student is a good fit for your department.

A Certified Fairfield Warde High School Internship Mentor will be available for volunteers to contact me if they have any questions, problems, or concerns.

Preparing students for a life after high school is a big responsibility and requires our schools and businesses to work closely together to help ensure the success of our future work force.