FAIRFIELD — Fairfield Animal Control is looking for public’s help in locating a dog that bit a Fairfield Warde High School student Monday morning.

The 16-year-old was walking around 10 a.m. to his car that was parked on Knapps Highway. As he neared his car, a small dog on a leash jumped onto his leg. The owner, described as a middle aged woman, talking on a cell phone, yelled for the dog to get down.

The student did not realize he was bitten until he got into the car. By that time, officials said, the dog owner was out of sight. The dog is described as small, mostly black with some white fur.

If authorities cannot locate the dog and its owner to determine the status of the dog’s rabies vaccination, the teen will have to undergo post-exposure rabies treatment.

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident, or knows the dog owner, is asked to contact Fairfield Animal Control at 203-254-4857.