FAIRFIELD — An assisted-living facility on Mill Hill Terrace, though hotly opposed by neighbors, was approved recently by the Town Plan and Zoning Commission.

The commission gave unanimous approval to a special permit for Maplewood of Fairfield, a three-story, 98-unit facility for seniors on 27 acres adjacent to Mill Hill School. The developer will set aside 13 acres of the property as open space in perpetuity, with public access.

During three nights of hearings on the application, the majority of residents voiced their opposition to the proposal, citing concerns about vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

“I think this is the best option available for developing this site,” said Chairman Matthew Wagner. He said while neighbors cited objections to a commercial concern being in a residential neighborhood, Wagner pointed out the property is adjacent to Interstate 95, commercial properties, including a restaurant, a nursing home and a school.

Wagner said, however, that the building was “beautiful” and would fit into the residential character of the community.

New sidewalks will be installed by the developer on Mill Hill and Pease Avenue, and access to the open space area provided from a point on the Mill Hill sidewalk, and from the assisted living property. Under conditions approved by the TPZ, signs will be installed marking those access points, and parking will be allowed on the Maplewood property for visitors to the open space.

Conditions also require that all construction equipment and vehicles will be staged and parked on the Maplewood property. In addition, conditions will also require that once the facility is opened, garbage collection and supply deliveries will be limited to twice a week, and employee shifts will start at 7 a.m., 3 p.m. and 11 p.m.