Albert Bailey may deserve an "A" for creativity, but his robbery of a Fairfield bank has landed him behind bars for the next nine years.

The 27-year-old Bridgeport resident, who in Bridgeport Superior Court was about to go on trial Friday for his second bank robbery in seven years, decided instead to plead guilty before Judge George Thim to conspiracy to commit second-degree robbery, being a persistent dangerous felony offender and harassment.

He faces nine years in prison when he is sentenced Nov. 19.

According to Senior Assistant State's Attorney Howard Stein, police received a call from an employee of People's United Bank on Stratfield Road last March 23 reporting that the bank had just received a phone call from a man who stated: "I want $100,000 in large bills and no dye packs. I will be sending someone into the bank to get the money. Don't call the police, we are monitoring the police scanner. Do you understand?"

Police said the man stated several times, "We are not afraid to take hostages and to turn the place into a blood bath."

People's employees immediately went to lock the bank's doors, but before they could do it police said Bailey's 16-year-old cousin, whose name is not being disclosed because of his age, got inside the bank.

At that time, police said the bank received another phone call from Bailey. This time he asked for a supervisor by name. When she came to the phone police said Bailey asked her if she saw his "associate." Meanwhile, the cousin had wordlessly placed a briefcase on the teller's counter.

"Don't make a scene because we will take hostages," Bailey told the bank employee, according to police.

A teller put a stack of money in the briefcase and Bailey's cousin left the bank with it, police said. He walked to the where police said Bailey was waiting in a car in the parking lot of the nearby Dogwood Green Condominiums.

Officers got to the scene just as Bailey was pulling out of the lot. When officers trained their guns on Bailey and his cousin, they agreed to surrender.

Inside the car police said they recovered the money and also found a police scanner tuned to the Fairfield police frequency, two walkie talkies and a robbery to do list that included times for getting into and out of the bank.

Stein said at the time of this robbery Bailey had just completed a 7-year prison term for the 2003 robbery of People's Bank on Madison Avenue in Bridgeport.

Stein said Bailey claimed he had been previously kidnapped by an unidentified man who put what he thought was a bomb in Bailey's pocket and threatened to detonate it unless Bailey robbed the bank for him. Bailey, however, subsequently pleaded guilty to that robbery.