Budget cuts on the table for discussion by the Fairfield Representative Town Meeting at its annual budget meeting Monday range from the large -- $1.2 million to the education budget, to the imperceptible -- $25 for advertising by the Assessor's office.

The legislative body will meet at 8 p.m. at McKinley School for its annual meeting on the $264 million proposed spending plan for 2011-12, which includes $146.4 million for the Board of Education.

The RTM's Republican majority caucus has a list of cuts totaling $1.9 million, while William LLewellyn, R-7, has submitted a list of his, meant to offset attendance and longevity bonuses town employees receive. Llewellyn said he realizes he can't cut the money set aside in payroll accounts because those payments are contractual, so he has suggested other accounts within the various department from which to take the funds, like postage, overtime, and travel and meeting.

Items cut by the caucus include office supplies, postage, travel and meeting, maintenance and advertising.

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Budget ax poised Read the complete list of cuts proposed in the Fairfield 2011-12 spending package on the Fairfield Citizen's website here: http://www.fairfieldcitizenonline.com/news/article/FAIRFIELD-BUDGET-Complete-list-of-proposed-cuts-1355501. php

Ann Stamler, D-5, has also submitted a list that suggests $263,864 in reductions. Stamler's largest cut is $122,300 from the H. Smith Richardson Golf Course and the smallest is $250 from the Purchasing Department's advertising budget.

The town's PTAs have been mobilizing parents to fight the school budget cut and We the People of Fairfield, a taxpayer group, is urging its supporters to join the fray and advocate just the opposite.

WTP founder Kate Daniello said, however, that her group does not want to see teachers let go, but advocates reductions made to things like curriculum leaders, school psychologists and the number of houses at the high schools.

The Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance have already cut $2 million from the school board's original request. "Two million is going to be damaging enough," Superintendent of Schools David Title said. "More than that is going to be problematic."

After learning of the GOP's proposals, Michael Jehle, executive director of the Fairfield Museum and History Center, has sent out his own plea for help in stopping a proposed $17,500 reduction.

According to Jehle, 97 percent of the museum's budget comes from private contributions, and in 2010, more than 4,700 students participated in the center's programming. If the cut is adopted, he said, services will be eliminated.

A COMPLETE LIST OF THE PROPOSED BUDGET CUTS CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://www.fairfieldcitizenonline.com/news/article/FAIRFIELD-BUDGET-Complete-list-of-proposed-cuts-1355501.php