Fairfield cleaning up more than 8 inches of snow

In Fairfield, where the National Weather Service is reporting 8.5 inches of snow fell overnight, officials say cleanup is going very well.

“Our guys were out there all through the night (and) out there this morning,” First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick said. “The roads are pretty good. We didn’t have any power outages overnight.”

Kupchick, who closed Town Hall for the day, said residents stayed off the roads for the most part - making it easy for public works to clear the roads of snow.

“We haven’t really had any reported issues at all,” she said.

Students in both public and parochial schools had the day off Thursday, after officials announced a closure the night before.

Fire Chief Denis McCarthy said the town was fortunate that snow arrived overnight.

“It made it a much easier and safer storm to contend with. Roads were extremely quiet,” he said, adding that the Department of Public Works reported all went well overnight.

McCarthy said most of Fairfield’s major roads are cleared of snow down to the pavement. He said that roads remain quiet, allowing for public works to continue clearing streets.

McCarthy said the police department reported it had no incidents overnight.

“We had a few EMS calls we responded to (and) only one power issue that was quickly resolved,” he said. “There were no power outages. So, all-in-all, we fared very well.”