Fairfield police are stepping up enforcement against people wanted on outstanding warrants.

In the past two to three days, 10 to 12 warrants have been served, police said Friday.

In the past, the department sometimes would only send letters to people's homes, ordering that they turn themselves in at police headquarters.

Sgt. Suzanne Lussier, a police spokesman, said staffing levels now make it easier for police to take action against those who ignore warrant warnings. And Sgt. Hector Irizarry, in particular, is spearheading the campaign, she said.

"Don't think that Fairfield is an easy target," said Lussier. "Think twice. We have very dedicated, hard-working officers."

Lussier said people who know that warrants have been issued for their arrest should respond and turn themselves in. That would be less embarrassing, she said, than possibly getting pulled over on the Post Road for a broken taillight and subsequently being placed under arrest when the officer discovers an outstanding warrant.

`It's much better to do it at your own convenience," she said.