Fairfield Police Chief Gary MacNamara and Lt. James Perez, a department spokesman, will be featured this weekend on an episode of the television news program, "Dateline NBC."

The show updates the case of a Nigerian scammer who bilked a Stratford woman out of more than $200,000. A few years ago, the two police officials hosted a public access TV show called "Just The Facts," and one of the episodes on scams prompted the Stratford woman to call Fairfield's police after authorities in her town deemed her complaints a civil matter, according to Perez.

Perez ultimately reached out to Chris Hansen, the "Dateline" reporter, who helped the woman lure one of the suspected scammers to a Hyatt hotel in Greenville, S.C. That suspect, 40-year-old Kenneth Ojua, was charged with obtaining goods under false pretenses and earlier this year was convicted of the crime.

"It's a shame that someone works their whole life, works hard to have a little nest egg in their post-working years, and then con artists or scammers come along and in the blink of an eye snatch away people's financial security," Perez said.

The "Dateline NBC" show will be broadcast at 7 p.m. Sunday on Channels 4 and 30.