FAIRFIELD — Quick thinking by two Fairfield police officers led to the recovery of a stolen motorcycle, as well as an arrest.

Lt. Robert Kalamaras was on his way to work around 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 2, and went to pull into the Donut Inn on the Post Road. A man in the parking lot trying to pop the clutch on a motorcycle caught his eye, and as Kalamaras pulled in, the motorcycle drove out of the lot. However, a second man was trying to jump on the bike rider’s back.

Kalamaras turned around to follow the motorcycle, calling the incident into dispatch. He lost sight of the motorcycle around Mill Plain Road.

Back at the Donut Inn, Officer Thomas Gorton found out the bike owner’s iPhone was inside a bag on the motorcycle and was soon tracking the stolen motorcycle as it traveled north on Interstate 95.

State police were notified, and when the cell phone stopped moving on Church Street South in New Haven, police in that city were notified, and went to the location, where they found the motorcycle. There was also a green pickup truck there that Kalamaras said was seen at the Donut Inn incident. The pickup truck had been reported stolen out of New Haven on July 17, and inside were 15 sets of car keys, several bolt cutters, pliers and other burglary tools.

There were three suspects at the New Haven address, all of whom fled on foot from police. One, Robert Seguinoti, 27, was caught, however, and charged by New Haven police with two counts of third-degree larceny, possession of burglary tools, criminal trover and interfering with an officer.