Fairfield firefighters respond to Jersey Mike's kitchen fire

The Fairfield Fire Department extinguished a kitchen fire in the Jersey Mike's on Black Rock Turnpike Sunday morning.

The Fairfield Fire Department extinguished a kitchen fire in the Jersey Mike’s on Black Rock Turnpike Sunday morning.

/ Fairfield Fire Department

FAIRFIELD — Firefighters put out a kitchen blaze at the Jersey Mike’s Subs on Black Rock Turnpike Sunday morning, according to officials.

Fairfield Fire Department Assistant Chief George Gomola said the department received the call at 7:11 a.m.

“It was reported to be a fire involving a gas line behind the main cook grill at Jersey Mike’s,” Gomola said.

According to Gomola, the first thing firefighters did was shut off the gas line, which controlled part of the fire. He said a grease fire continued to burn behind the grill, adding that firefighters extinguished it manually.

Gomola said officials then checked the area with thermal imaging cameras to make sure the fire did not extend to neighboring properties. He said firefighters called the utility company afterward to secure the gas line.

In a post on Facebook, the department said the manager called 911 upon seeing the fire and exited the building. It said firefighters arrived within five minutes.

“Luckily, early occupant notification, fast call processing by Fairfield’s 911 center and a quick firefighter response time, with proper construction practices that follow the national fire codes, prevented a multi-million dollar loss at this property,” Assistant Chief Erik Kalapir said in the post. “Residents are encouraged to call 911 when they detect an odor of natural gas, because early odor detection and notification can prevent a catastrophic fire.”

Additionally, the department said it encouraged commercial property owners and managers to maintain the proper access keys in the Knox Box system available for emergency responders.