A three-day span of April showers that has moved into southwestern Connecticut early today could have a bit of an edge, the National Weather Service warns.

Today is expected to experience rainy periods throughout the day, with a daytime high in the mid-50s. The south wind will be between 8 and 17 mph. Tonight will also have periods of showers, the NWS says, with patchy fog possible after 2 a.m. tomorrow. The temperature is expected to fall to a low of about 46 degrees.

Tomorrow, things could get a bit dicey, the NWS states in a "hazardous weather outlook."

While showers are likely to continue, winds -- gusting as high as 50 mph -- could be stirred up as a cold front moves into the region. That might trigger a squall line, with thunderstorms, particularly after 11 a.m. The high temperature is expected to be in the low-50s. Rainy periods may continue tomorrow night, with possible clearing after 8 p.m.

But a chance of showers returns Wednesday after 2 p.m. The high temperature is likely to be about 50 degrees. There is a chance of more rain before midnight, as the temperature falls to about 40 degrees.

The outlook for Thursday is clear, but there's more rain possible for both Friday and Saturday.