As autumn enters its second full week, southwestern Connecticut is really warming to the season.

That's because the National Weather Service says that temperatures today -- and particularly tomorrow -- will be decidedly warmer.

Under sunny skies, today's daytime high temperature is expected to rise to nearly 80 degrees, with a west wind 3 to 6 mph.

Tonight will be mostly clear, with a low temperature in the mid-50s, with a light northwest wind.

Tomorrow, it will be sunny again and temperatures will be even warmer, with a high registering in the low-80s. Nighttime will be mostly clear, with a low temperature in the mid-50s.

On Thursday, skies will be sunny, but the high temperature is likely to fall back to a high in the mid-70s. By nighttime, the NWS says there is a 20 percent chance of showers as the temperature dips to a low of about 50 degrees.

Friday should be partly sunny, with a high temperature in the mid-70s. Night skies will be partly cloudy, with a low temperature in the upper-50s.

The outlook for Saturday, according to the weather service, is sunny and temperatures in the 70s.