FAIRFIELD — A video of a Fairfield Ludlowe High School student using a racial slur at a soccer match between the district’s two high schools spread among students Wednesday.

The clip, originally posted on Snapchat before spreading to other social media sites, shows a Ludlowe student using a racial slur directed at black students during the annual boys’ soccer game against Wade High School Tuesday night, Interim Superintendent Stephen Tracy said.

Ludlowe lost the game 1-0 after 11 straight years of winning the Swedish Cup, presented to the winner of the high schools’ match-up each year since 1961.

“This kind of language is hurtful, it’s thoughtless and it has no place in our community,” Tracy said.

Ludlowe Headmaster Greg Hatzis and Warde Headmaster David Ebling have both addressed the issue clearly to the high schools’ students bodies, according to Tracy. Disciplinary action has been taken against both the Ludlowe student that took and posted the video and the Ludlowe student shown using the slur. What the discipline was has not been released.

“For me, that’s just the beginning,” Tracy said. “I think we need to find a way to engage with our students, our staff and the wider community. We all have an obligation — and especially white people have an obligation — to confront these types of slurs in our racial history and then to own up to what we’re going to do as individuals and groups to put a stop to it.”

There will be significant follow-up at both high schools over the next few days, he said, and after dealing with immediate hurt and disciplinary issues, the district needs to move onto addressing the larger issue.

Tracy learned of the video around 10 p.m. Wednesday night when a high school parent sent him the clip. He released a statement on the incident just before 12:45 a.m. calling the language “unacceptable” and “completely unrepresentative of what we are as a community and a school system.”