A Fairfield man who once was a White House adviser, aide to a U.S. congressman and prosecutor can now add state prison inmate to his resume.

"As a former prosecutor I am aware that each of us is responsible for our own actions and I fully admit to the conduct that brought me here today," Rik Bachman said last Friday as he waited to be sentenced for stealing more than $200,000 from his 85-year-old aunt.

Bridgeport Superior Court Judge Robert Devlin refused the plea by Bachman's lawyer, Bruce Koffsky, to ignore the fact his client is a lawyer and sentenced the 57-year-old Bachman to three years in prison.

"We expect lawyers to be honest and upright, people trust lawyers but you used all your skill, all your knowledge to take advantage of this lady, the judge said.

After he completes the prison term, Bachman has to serve five years' probation.

The Fairfield lawyer previously pleaded no contest to second-degree larceny for stealing more than $200,000 from the accounts of his aunt. He is accused of using some of the money to buy sports memorabilia.

Bachman, who had a law office in White Plains, N.Y., was a former New York prosecutor specializing in financial crime and previously worked in the White House and for former New York U.S. Rep. Jack Kemp.

He is accused of taking over the affairs of his aunt, Beatrice Bachman, in 2009 and keeping her secluded from other relatives while he made large withdrawals from her bank accounts for his personal use.

Police said after relatives repeatedly sought to contact the woman, Bachman had her moved from her apartment in New York to an assisted-living facility in Trumbull.

In September 2010, the local probate judge ordered that Beatrice Bachman's assets be frozen for her own protection but despite the order, Bachman continued to take money from his aunt's accounts, police said.

Beatrice Bachman died in June 2011, but despite her death, the arrest warrant affidavit states that Rik Bachman had purchases for sports memorabilia sent to her former room at the assisted-living facility which he would pick up.