FAIRFIELD — The town has taken advantage of a law that allows it to warn, and then fine, property owners who have required repeated police response for such violations as disorderly conduct and breach of peace.

While there have been warning notices sent to several homes in the beach area, only one property has forced the town to move past the warning letter and send invoices to recoup the costs of police response — the Sky Hookah Lounge at 689 Kings Highway East.

The bills can be sent if a person is found guilty of one or more of the violations, and there are continued infractions within six months after a warning letter is sent.

The Representative Town Meeting will receive a report on the town’s use of the law when it meets Monday at 8 p.m. at the Education Center.

The invoices sent to Nannerb,LLC, the owner of the building at 689 Kings Highway East, total $1,924, and none, according to Fiscal Officer Robert Mayer, have been paid. They cover 19 different calls for service to the hookah lounge from Nov.27, 2016 through May 14, 2017. The violations range from narcotics violations to disorderly conduct and assault.

Tom Brennan, owner of a real estate office locate at 680 Kings Highway East, is the owner of Nannerb, LLC. The hookah lounge business is owned and run by 28-year-old Anwar Malas, who has been arrested at least twice in connection with disturbances at the lounge.

The Sky Hookah Lounge has proven to be a thorn in the side of neighbors living nearby, although things have improved slightly, according to Police Lt. Robert Kalamaras. After meetings with neighbors, police have concentrated patrols near the loung.

“I think between the increased patrols,and increased pressure from residents to make it more appropriate for a residential area, things have slowed down,” Kalamaras said. “These things together have had a positive effect on reducing the amount of complaints.”

There have been six noise complaints from June until now, and some of those time, Kalamaras said, officers would arrive to find no violation.