Fairfield man allegedly pilfered parking tag, gets $150 ticket

FAIRFIELD — A Redfield Road man apparently decided to use a deceased neighbor’s handicapped parking tag for himself, police said.

Steven Harris, 41, was issued a $150 ticket for parking in a handicapped spot at the downtown train station. Police received a call March 10 from Harris’ neighbor, who said she believed Harris had taken the parking tag from her dead mother’s car. She said she couldn’t locate the hanging tag, but noticed Harris had a handicapped placard in his car, and appeared to use it while parked at the train station.

She said she had the paperwork from the Department of Motor Vehicles to cancel the parking tag. She did not want her neighbor arrested, she told police, but wanted the parking tag confiscated.

An officer located Harris’ car at the train station, parked in a handicapped spot with the pilfered parking tag. He was contacted by police and allegedly admitted to using it for himself. According to the report, Harris said his neighbor had borrowed his car and left the tag behind. He apparently admitted what he did was inappropriate and illegal.

The tag was confiscated by police and destroyed.