FAIRFIELD — Tajh Wiley, a 23-year-old Fairfield resident, was arrested July 11 in Groton and transported to the Fairfield Police Department for alleged involvement in a Jan. 8 harassment incident.

The complainant, an adult male, alleged that he was picking up a friend of his daughter on Summit Lane, a private street, around 7:30 p.m. when a black Jeep began following him. The complainant stated that the vehicle drove closely behind him with its high beams on, which he found dangerous because the roads were wet and there was a dense fog.

After dropping off his daughter and her friend, the complainant exited his car and approached the operator of the Jeep to ask why he was driving so recklessly. The operator allegedly demanded to know why the complainant was on his street before exiting the parking lot recklessly at a high speed.

The complainant stated that he returned to Summit Lane to attempt to find the vehicle and record the license plate to report the incident. As he approached the intersection of Summit Lane and Burr Street, the same Jeep quickly pulled in and blocked his path. The same operator allegedly exited the vehicle, and a verbal argument ensued. The operator continually asked the complainant why he was on his street and told him to leave, and then allegedly blocked the complainant from exiting Summit Lane. The complainant stated that he felt scared and trapped during this incident and provided two cell phone video recordings of it.

From a still image of the video recording, police identified the suspect as Wiley. Police spoke with Wiley, who alleged that the incident was a misunderstanding that had been blown out of proportion by the complainant. Wiley stated that his sister had been racially bullied at Fairfield Warde High School, and he became concerned for his family’s safety when he saw a suspicious vehicle on his private street. He claimed that he followed the vehicle to see if it was in fact suspicious and emerged from his vehicle on Summit Lane only to ask the complainant to move his car because it was blocking the street.

Wiley was picked up from custody in Groton on July 11 and transported to Fairfield without incident. He was charged with breach of peace in the second degree, improper use of a high-beam light and illegal operation of a motor vehicle with intent to harass or intimidate. He was released on bond and scheduled to appear in court on July 24.