Fairfield man charged with domestic abuse

FAIRFIELD — Arib Vahora, a 48-year-old Fairfield resident, was arrested on a warrant July 2 after his wife reported a series of ongoing domestic violence incidents.

The alleged abuse began when the family emigrated from India about two years ago and escalated in November 2018 when the victim confronted Vahora about a family conflict. According to police reports, this led to an argument in which Vahora struck the victim, causing visible injury to her face. Vahora then allegedly held up a knife and threatened to kill himself if the police were called.

Based on statements from both the victim and witnesses, including neighbors and family members, police found probable cause for the charges of assault in the third degree, risk of injury and disorderly conduct. One family member present for questioning had been on the phone line with the victim when this incident happened and confirmed the details. Vahora was scheduled to appear in court on July 3.