The same day he was in court to plead not guilty to sexual-assault charges, Fairfield resident Jeffrey Schare, a former coach of the Staples High School boys swim team, was spotted near the girls' home, police said, violating both protective and restraining orders that were in place.

Schare, 43, was picked up and charged on those alleged violations around 8 a.m. Thursday and was sheduled to be arraigned in Bridgeport Superior Court later in the day.

According to police, Schare was seen in the immediate vicinity of the victims' home on Jan. 22, and police were called. He had just been to Bridgeport Superior Court that day for his arraignment in the case for two counts of first-degree sexual assault, two counts of risk of injury to a minor, and one count each of third-degree sexual assault, fourth-degree seual assault and attempted third-degree sexual assault.

Both girls, now 12 and 8 years old, are acquainted with Schare and attend school in Fairfield.

According to the arrest warrant affadavit, Schare began "grooming" the two girls when they were much younger, "promising favors such as food and sleep-overs as rewards for his deviant behavior."

He was initially charged in December after police said he confessed to sexually assaulting the two young girls for more than three years.