A former bus driver from Fairfield was sentenced Tuesday to nine years in prison for possessing more than 300 images of child pornography, including videos of a bound 2-year-old girl being sexually assaulted by an adult male.

"I am prepared to accept whatever sentence your honor imposes because my goal is to never come back to court again and get on with my life," 41-year-old John Spence told state Superior Court Judge Maria Kahn in Bridgeport.

His lawyer, Assistant Public Defender Jonathan Demirjian, urged the judge to impose a five-year term, pointing out that his client has no previous record. "He fell under its (child porn's) spell," he said.

But the judge said Spence did not stumble onto Internet child porn.

"You have to search it out, Mr. Spence, and you have to be disturbed to see that kind of violence against children. The level of child pornography here was the worst the court has ever seen," she said.

She sentenced Spence to 18 years, suspended after nine years, followed by 20 years' probation.

Spence, a driver for a discount bus line, was arrested last year after State Police traced the transfer of child porn images to his computer. On June 13, 2012, police executed a search warrant at Spence's former May Street residence. While there, police said Spence asked to speak to investigators privately. He then admitted to viewing and downloading child porn for the past three or four years, according to the report.

A jury of three men and three women deliberated two hours before convicting Spence of first-degree possession of child pornography.

Senior Assistant State's Attorney Cornelius Kelly told the judge that 70 of the images found on Spence's computer have been identified as specific abused children. He read a statement from one, identified only as Vicky, who complained that thousands of people are still downloading her photos. "They are trading around my trauma," she stated.

Kelly said Spence used his computer skills to track down "Vicky's" real identity.

"A substantial period of incarceration is more than warranted here," he added, urging the judge to impose a 15-year term.