FAIRFIELD — A group of Fairfield mombies put quite the fright into Halloween night this year with a spot on performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Thirty-seven moms took to a Fairfield neighborhood in full zombie attire surrounded by a large crowd of thrilled trick-or-treaters to recreate the classic 1980s music video dance scene.

The video, which lasts about 6 minutes and is titled “Fairfield Moms Flash Mob: "Night of the Living MOMBIES", was posted to YouTube Tuesday and has already been viewed 7,300 times.

The video credits the choreography and direction to Vincent Patino and thanks Flash Pointe Dance, a studio in town, for support. By the end of the video the crowd on Lalley Boulevard - five deep in places - could be heard chanting “mombies, mombies.”

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The Mombie Dancers Included

Rachel Alcosser

Sara Anderson

Terry Davis

Susannah Emra

Marlowe Farber

Cheryl Hawthorne

Lydia Heilmann

Chris Hughes

Karen Jaber

Crissy Kelly

Katie Kwok

Kerri Leavay

Justine Leavy

Barb Lederer

Jessica Levitt

Joy Martini

Josephine Mazzarella

Michelle McBean

Jenny McCollum

Jannine McDonald

Jodi Moore

Sara Nuland

Cicely Poggi-Gedacht

Jane Purcell

Brett Ravage

Stacy Richer

Evelina Rogers

Laurie Rubel

Elisabeth Schneider

Suzanne Schulz

AJ Schwarz

Liz Stotler

Caryn Sullivan

Evelina Rogers

Stacey Swineford

Lisa Walldal

Jessica Walsh