FAIRFIELD — Nearly 50 people are being monitored after seven people who attended multiple gatherings last week tested positive for coronavirus, according to First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick.

In an update to the town, Kupchick said the Health Department was informed of several gatherings around town last weekend attended by both young adults and parents. She said seven positive cases have been associated with the gatherings, adding that an additional 40 people were traced from the event after contact with the infected people, and are being monitored for COVID-19.

“While indoor gatherings of 25 people or 100 people outdoors are allowed by the governor’s executive order,” Kupchick said, “this is a reminder that organizers of such events need to be diligent in continuing to ensure social distancing, wearing of masks, washing of hands and advising people to stay home if they do not feel well.”

Kupchick said contact tracing to identify and notify direct contacts of confirmed cases as quickly as possible and to ensure those exposed are self-quarantining has been a key tool health officials use to contain the spread of the virus.

“The information provided in the interviews with confirmed cases helps reduce the potential spread of the virus in our community,” she said.

Health Department Director Sands Cleary said no one specific gathering is suspected as a source of the outbreak. He said the department is monitoring the 40 individuals who associated with the seven COVID-19 positive residents using the ContaCT system, a state resource public health officials use to do contact tracing.

“That’s really what we are doing right now,” Cleary said. “We are trying to touch base with all the folks every day to make sure they are doing okay and following the quarantine and isolation guidance depending on whether they are a case or contact.”

Cleary said the individuals attended at least four parties and gatherings, including a barbecue; one had a food truck. He said he did not know the exact age range of the people infected, and used the term ‘young adults.’

More Information

Fairfield’s virus data:

According to data from the Health Department, as of Aug. 5, there have been 719 residents who have tested positive for coronavirus. Out of that number, 145 people have died after contracting the disease and 534 have recovered.

The data shows the average age of residents contracting the virus to be 60 years old. Over the past few weeks, people in their mid-30s have made up the bulk of new cases.

The average age of residents who have died after contracting the disease is 85. More than 92 percent of those deaths were people living in assisted living facilities.

Like Kupchick, Cleary said the situation serves as a good reminder.

“Regardless of what you are doing, you still need to practice social distancing and good hygienic practices and wear your masks,” Cleary said. “All those things. We’re trying to have an example of continuing these practices and this is what can happen if you end up getting together.”