FAIRFIELD — Fairfield police warned residents of coronavirus scams in a release on Friday.

According to the Fairfield Police Department, there have been reports from around the country of individuals posing as personnel from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention going door-to-door and conducting a COVID-19 related survey. Police said they have not yet heard local reports of the scam.

“The purpose of this notice is to advise residents that the CDC is not conducting any such door-to-door survey (or) investigation,” the release said. “If any residents are contacted by any such individuals, do not grant them access to your home and contact the police department immediately.”

The release said they wanted to notify the public of such scams before they occur.

If residents have questions, they can contact the police department at 203-254-4800. The Fairfield Police Department website has coronavirus updates, information and resources available at http://www.fpdct.com/coronavirus/.