Fairfield is winning more accolades in a national ranking of communities.

The latest citation, from CNNMoney.com, places Fairfield at seventh best place in the nation among its "Best Places to Live: Top-Earning Towns."

In Connecticut, only Greenwich -- at No. 2 -- is ranked higher than Fairfield.

The survey, which mixes income statistics with a community's quality-of-life, such as the public schools and crime rate.

It lists the annual median family income in Fairfield as $127,920 and the local median home price at $483,500

Among the other factors that landed Fairfield in the survey's top 10 are its energy-conservation and efficiency programs.

But, the survey notes, "living green isn't cheap. A spacious harbor-side estate with 19th century roots might have an eight-figure price tag, while a contemporary Arts & Crafts-style showstopper with water views runs in the seven figures."

However, it also admits that, "Locals with more modest accommodations can still feel rich amid nature's plenty. They have their pick of forests, lakes, meadows, rivers and wetlands -- 1,100 acres of town-owned open space to be exact."

This isn't the first time that CNN/Money has bestowed its blessings on Fairfield. In 2008, it called the town one of the top-10 "mid-sized communities" in America.

In the just-released "Best Places to Live: Top-Earning Towns," here's the top 10 communities:

"¢ Bethesda, Md.

"¢ Greenwich

"¢ Palo Alto, Calif.

"¢ Newport Beach, Calif.

"¢ Lower Merion, Pa.

"¢ Newton, Mass.

"¢ Fairfield

"¢ Greenburgh, N.Y.

"¢ Burke, Va.

"¢ Naperville, Ill.

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