Fairfield resident mistakenly uses bleach instead of distilled water for nasal rinse

Photo of Ben Lambert
An accurately labeled bottle containing a cleaning solution.

An accurately labeled bottle containing a cleaning solution.

Fairfield Fire Assistant Chief Erik Kalapir

FAIRFIELD — A town resident received medical attention Thursday after mistakenly using a bleach solution to perform a nasal rinse instead of distilled water, according to the Fairfield Fire Department.

Assistant Chief Erik Kalapir said in a release that dispatchers received an emergency call from the resident Thursday afternoon, then put her in touch with the Connecticut Poison Control Center at UConn while firefighters responded to the scene.

“(Lt.) John Calandriello with firefighters of Engine 5 arrived on scene within 3 minutes of dispatch and found the resident had accidently used a homemade bleach solution from a distilled water bottle container labeled as ‘chlorine’ on one side,” Kalapir said. “Paramedics from American Medical Response attended to the patient and assessed their health condition. Luckily, no immediate hospital transport was required for the resident.”

Kalapir advised any residents making their own cleaning solutions during the coronavirus pandemic to appropriately label containers.

“Although this container was labeled on one side, some residents may not be clearly labeling after mixing,” Kalapir said. “Residents should ensure that all members of the household are aware of homemade solutions in bottles and containers. These containers should be clearly marked and kept in locations where cleaning solutions would normally be found away from the access of children and toddlers.”