Fairfield's Brenda Kupchick seeks state Rep. nomination

On Monday, Jan. 25, Fairfield business owner and life-long resident Brenda Kupchick announced that she will seek the Republican Party nomination for state Representative in the 132nd District.

Kupchick stated, "Connecticut's Democratic super majority has taxed and spent our state to the brink of disaster. We need to remove those who have refused to address wasteful government spending and led us to a projected $9 billion budget deficit in our near future. We need to put our financial house in order and bring jobs back to Connecticut. We need leadership that represents what is best for Fairfield instead of blindly following party leaders in Hartford, and we need a legislator with a record of getting results for constituents."

Kupchick and her husband, Peter, have owned and operated a Fairfield-based heating and cooling business for more than 20 years. Kupchick is also employed as the constituent services and public affairs representative for state Sen. John McKinney (R-28). Kupchick was formerly a constituent services representative for Congressman Christopher Shays (R-4).

While raising her son, Peter, Brenda was very acvtive as a PTA member, Pop Warner Team Mother, the Gridiron Club and was an Environment Awareness Captain and a Fresh Air Fund Host. In 1997, frustrated by town officials' unwillingness to listen to community concerns, she founded the grassroots advocacy group One Voice.

In 1998, Kupchick ran for State Representative in an overwhelmingly Democratic district against long-time incumbent, Jackie Cocco. Kupchick carried the vote in Fairfield, but was defeated in Bridgeport. In 1999, Kupchick was the first Republican in many years to win a seat on the RTM in the Tunxis Hill area, District 5. In her first term, she lead the battle to rebuild McKinley School and to re-open Fairfield's second high school, and was one of only 12 Republicans re-elected in 2001. Kupchick was the only Republican elected to the Board of Education in 2003.

After completing a six-year term on the Board of Education in 2009, she ran for and won a seat on the RTM in Stratfield's District 6. The first Republican in decades to win a seat in the district, Kupchick currently serves as chairman of the Health and Public Safety Committee.

Kupchick also served as a member of the Fairfield Taxpayers Association, was a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission, CABE Liaison and Chair of the Schools Facilities and Long Range Planning Committee.

"After working in Hartford with Sen. McKinney for the last year, I have witnessed firsthand the gridlock and lack of real debate from the super majority on restructuring our government. I feel compelled to step up and be part of changing the dangerous course Connecticut is on. The people of Fairfield and of Connecticut can no longer continue to pay the highest taxes in the nation. I look forward to spending the next 10 months listening to the concerns of voters and sharing my record of representing Fairfield over the past decade.

"As small business owners, my husband and I have felt the pain of a weak economy and increasing taxation and regulation. We have worked hard to survive and made tough decisions for our family and business.

"I stand ready to work equally hard for the families of Fairfield, putting my experience to work. I'm ready to make the tough decisions needed to turn our state around."