While both frozen yogurt and premium ice cream are among the current food fads, there's one classic that has never wavered in popularity: Dairy Queen.

Situated on the Post Road in Fairfield next to the iconic Rawley's hot dog stand, Dairy Queen is a local institution. It's where Little Leaguers go after a game for a chocolate-dipped cone and the place to go after spending the day at the beach and you're still covered in sand.

"It's a tradition," owner Nick Frattaroli said.

It used to be that Dairy Queen would open in late spring and close in early fall, but because of the demand (and perhaps global warming), it's now open from February until Thanksgiving.

The building went through a remodel two years ago and the menu was expanded to include smoothies and Orange Julius drinks, a sort of juice/smoothie/shake concoction.

The most popular item, however, remains the Blizzard, a blend of ice cream and pieces of candy, cake or cookies.

"Without a doubt, Blizzards put us on the map," Frattaroli said.

Dairy Queen is at 1902 Post Road, Fairfield. Call 203-259-5659