Instrumental music teachers will visit third- and fourth-grade classes in the town's public schools during May and June to enroll students in the band and orchestra programs for next year.

Students will be given information about the program, and registration forms to be completed by the parent will be distributed.

The instrumental program begins in the fourth grade, when instruction on string instruments is offered. Students may choose violin, viola, cello or string bass. In the fifth grade, the string program continues and instruction on band instruments begins.

Flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, baritone horn, trombone and percussion are offered in the band program.

Determining factors for the best choice of instrument include the child's musical ability, interest and physical characteristics, according to the teachers' announcement. In addition, they say, the band and orchestra in each school must have balanced instrumentation for students to have a true orchestra or band experience.

The school band and orchestra program is open to all students as part of the public schools' kindergarten through 12th grade music curriculum. Instruction includes group lessons and a band or orchestra rehearsal each week throughout the school year.

The sequential instrumental program started in the elementary school continues through the middle school, where there is a band, orchestra and chorus in each grade, and into high school, where there are multiple bands, orchestras and vocal ensembles.

Although registration for the instrumental program takes place in the spring, the final choice of instrument will be determined in September. Parents will be given information at that time about where to obtain an instrument. A rental-purchase plan for a new instrument is often advised.

For additional information about the instrumental music program, call a child's home or the school district's Music Resource Center at 203-255-8454.