FAIRFIELD — A man who allegedly exposed himself to a young student has prompted a warning to parents to stay vigilant in reporting suspicious people and activities.

The incident happened around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday near the intersection of Post and Beach roads. A man in a car exposed himself to a juvenile who was walking by, police said.

The car, described as a black older model, possibly a Ford Mustang, had been pulled over.

The man was described as white, in his 30s, wearing a white sweater.

In a message from the School Safety Unit, parents are asked to regularly reinforce with their children avoiding suspicious people and vehicles, and encourage their children to talk about anything suspicious with an adult they trust. Parents and school staff should also remind children to walk home in groups or with a buddy, use routes that are populated, unobstructed and well-lit, and always avoid any strangers attempting to engage them in conversation.

If they think they have been followed, they should immediately tell an adult.

Any suspicious people, vehicles or activities can be reported to the police by calling 203-254-4800.