Some were lucky and got off easy.

Others got walloped and struggled to live without heat and power for days ... or worse.

Still others lost nearly everything -- priceless possessions, irreplaceable heirlooms ... and their homes.

But, even two weeks later, nearly everyone has some kind of story to tell about Hurricane Sandy and the havoc it inflicted on Fairfield and their lives.

Here's a random sampling of storm experiences from people downtown this week:

Ada Matos, of Fairfield: "We were without power for a week. I pretty much froze. ... I was traumatized.

The entire neighborhood was flooded with salt water and sewer water. We had to use the stove to heat up the house ... I work in New York and I couldn't go to work. That was traumatic, too."

Marie Scopa, of Fairfield: "We just lost power till Thursday ... Not really much at all. But I did go down to the beach area and help them clean up and it looked like a war zone down there. I did it with my church and they had a group of people that went down on Saturday."

Nick Feck, 11, of Fairfield: "I think the schools could have done a better job restoring power to them. I think the students actually got bored not having anything to do."

Ali Gerda, of Fairfield: "It was kind of harsh. We didn't have to be evacuated or anything, but we got more of the winds. ... We lost power on that Monday night and I think my neighborhood got it back that Wednesday, but we had a generator, thankfully."

Larry Patenaud, of Southington (restoration/emergency repairs in Fairfield ): "Basically it's really amazing to walk into someone's house and see how high the was at some point. ... One-eighth of a mile off shore and it's still 3 or 4 feet high. ... Just to see the devastation it causes."

Michelle Goodman, of Ridgefield: "I was pretty lucky because I live in town, so I was on the same line as the police station ... Some of my friends were eight or nine days without power. There were something like 110 roads closed. It was crazy, the number of trees that were down."

Eliza Seirup, of Fairfield: "It was actually pretty good, because we only lost power for a day and we didn't get that much damage -- only a tree down in our backyard, and everyone in our neighborhood was safe."

Lexie Drago, of Fairfield: "I had gone home for a few days, because they'd evacuated us out of the dorm for a few days. ... By the time I came back, everything was running on the generator and everything was fine. ... They only lost power for a few days."

Beth Micena of, Fairfield: "We did OK, considering we were actually the 2 percent who had power the morning of. No issues.

Family stayed with us from New Jersey. They did horribly. ... no power for seven or eight days, but no significant damage, thankfully."

Sean Murray, of Fairfield: "I'm living with my brother (south of the Post Road). We got really lucky. ... We stuck it out. Not a single drop in the basement. It was really uneventful for us. We only lost power for about 24 hours."

Mike Falconer, of Wallingford (restoration/emergency repairs in Fairfield): "It's just amazing to see the damage. The damage was just awesome. You look at the shoreline and ... You imagine the water going into these houses 3 or 4 feet high. ... It just destroys everything."