Where were you when the blizzard hit town?

When a storm dumps about 3 feet of snow on a community, everybody has a story about it. Here are a few from Fairfield as the town continued cleaning up this week.

Kate Dillon, Fairfield, public relations: "I've never seen this much snow here. Last year I think we all got off easy and forgot what it was like to be Northeasterners ... I think we're lucky it happened on a weekend."

Paul Zalon, Fairfield, designer-manufacturer: "It was bad. People couldn't come to work. I had to dig my car out. It was pretty crippling. Better than being in Iraq, though."

Debbie Riccio, Fairfield, special education teacher: "It was fun playing with my kids in the snow, but it's affecting my work now. I can't get to Bridgeport."

Jennifer Goodman, Fairfield, self-employed: "It was a long, long storm."

Dwight Holmberg, Fairfield, sales: "It was hard. Shoveling was hard. Shoveling required aspirin afterwards. And it was good because the kids were home. That was fun. It was fun because we also made a luge track in our backyard, so it was good and bad.

"And I also feel lucky that we live in Fairfield because our streets were generally plowed, compared to Bridgeport, for example."

Angela Schlingheyde, Fairfield, self-employed: "It was long. It was a lot of days being trapped inside, but overall it wasn't too bad. I think the town did a decent job."

Todd Miller, Easton, public relations: "I personally have never seen Fairfield as bad as I have with this storm. Easton roads were better than Fairfield, and it's usually the reverse."

Jackie Nucero, Fairfield, student: "I'm a beach resident, so it was different from most people's experience. We couldn't open our doors for a while. Compared to Hurricane Sandy it was more fun, but when we had to shovel out our cars, it was more stressful."

Marta Pozarlik, Fairfield, homemaker: "We got a lot of snow, like waist-high. We needed a special truck to have it removed."

Katelin Overton, Fairfield, lifeguard: "It was rough. I couldn't go to work for two days and we were actually snowed into our house until our neighbor shoveled us out. We had 5 feet up to the door. It was crazy."

Gabrielle Simon, Fairfield, public relations: "Digging out on Saturday was definitely a long and time-consuming experience. I think it was five hours ... There was just so much snow it took a long time for the plows to get the roads clear ... And the rain yesterday made it more treacherous."

Diana Lehman, Fairfield, make-up artist: "It was really bad. My car is actually still frozen in the snow. I can't get it out. And our street wasn't plowed until just yesterday morning."

Mary Sullivan, Fairfield, public relations: "I haven't seen a snowstorm like this since I was 6. But I thought it was nice because you got to catch up on work and sleep."

Amanda McGeown, Fairfield, student: "I was in New Jersey, so it was not as bad as it was here."

Carol Lota, Fairfield, Wall Street recruiter: "Actually we were very fortunate. We didn't lose power. We got dug out Sunday afternoon with a backhoe."