Nearly 20 Fairfield students have qualified to go to Knoxville, Tenn., in May for the Global Finals of Destination Imagination, the competition that combines collaborative problem-solving with creativity and performance.

The students are members of four separate teams that won challenges in the Connecticut State Tournament at Connecticut College in New London in March.

The finals, May 20-25 at the University of Tennessee, will involve more than 1,200 teams from 45 states, seven Canadian provinces and 11 other countries, according to Destination Imagination's website.

Three of the Fairfield teams are affiliated: The Wonderland Booksavers, Six to Six Smarties and Team I.C.E. are coached by Alison Barry, and they plan to go to Tennessee next month.

The fourth team, the Couch Tomatoes, comprise home-schooled students, and their families still are considering whether to make the trip, according to the team's coach, Melissa Prevey.

Some of the affiliated teams had members from other communities, as well as Fairfield.

The Wonderland Booksavers, a team of students ages 6 to 13, competed in the "Real to Reel" challenge, which required addressing a community need, presenting a skit that simulates a news conference and producing a video documentary of the project, Barry said.

The team collected and donated more than 5,000 used books to area communities in Bridgeport and Newtown and to foreign countries, including South Africa and Haiti. Fairfield team members are Brooks Barry, Reid Barry, Maddie Langdon, Claire Langdon, Emma Langdon, Brooks Langdon and Andre Mead,

The Six to Six Smarties, comprising four fifth-grade girls, chose the challenge "In Disguise," Barry said. It required them to create a skit around a character in disguise and communicate non-verbally. The skit also had to feature two masks, one decorative and one that "morphs" into another mask.

The team's skit involved a sacred ground in Hawaii which is desecrated by two annoying tourists, much to the dismay of the medicine man who is disguised as a tour guide. The team included Hannah Ulman, of Fairfield.

In the high school division, Team I.C.E. executed the science-based challenge "Wind Visible," Barry said. It required creating an eight-minute skit about an invisible visitor who sets the plot line in motion. Additionally, the team had to incorporate research about wind energy into the piece and create wind-powered kinetic art to be presented during the performance.

The team's play involves inhabitants of a coral reef who build a wind-powered lighthouse at the request of the ghost of a sailor who was killed in a shipwreck. Team members from Fairfield include Annabel Barry, Quinn Barry, Pierce Barry, Jaden Esse, Sasha Mead, Katie Mucha and Nate Ulman.

The Couch Tomatoes also did "Wind Visible," but in the middle-school age bracket.

The team built a totem pole on which spinning wind sales were mounted, Prevey said, The group's skit involved an isolated tribe that believes weather is created by their god. They are visited by a traveling scientist who explains how weather actually occurs.

Team members include Owen Prevey-Sullivan, Grace Curley-Holmes, Ian Villamil, Caden Hollander and Declan Hanrahan.