A discussion group for high school students, with a wide range of topics, has begun meeting each Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Parks and Recreation offices on Mill Plain Road.

Now in its fourth year, the group is open to all Fairfield students in Grades 9 through 12, group organizer Jennifer Parsons said.

The discussion program is called The Getaway, and Parsons called it "the ultimate teen jam session." It is funded by a state youth-services grant administered by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Typical discussion topics, Parsons, said, include drugs, sex, suicide, relationships, identity, school, family, friends, stereotypes and gossip. Students may recommend topics or ask questions anonymously by placing a note in a topics basket.

Discussions emphasize self-awareness, she said, and the program's purpose is to build self esteem and peer support.

Parsons said she plans discussion topics for each weekly session. She also is available to teen for private discussion and can refer students to school counselors.

The group last year had about 35 participants, she said.

More information about The Getaway is available by visiting the Fairfield Parks and Recreation Department website: www.fairfieldrecreation.com. Click "Programs," then "Youth programs."